Cheese Thief

Help our little rat to collect all the cheese, and also make it reach its home. [...]

Cat around Asia

Help a hungry cat, give him the food he likes while he travels around Asia.Use t [...]

Leaders Quiz

Friends! Do you have good general knowledge? Let's check with our game "Leaders [...]

Cool Island Escape

A smart teenage boy is in problem. How he stuck, he and his friends are come to [...]

Slam the Dog

The garden holes are too messy and your pet dog is just adding to the woes by pl [...]

The Merry Penguin

Help Penguin advance by hopping on the snowballs and earn score. Jump up to coll [...]

Private Star Moments

Celebrities throw tantrums, especially for camera clicks. This one, however, agr [...]

Muppet Sniper

Muppet Sniper is a point and click style muppet game, use your mouse and zoom in [...]

Angry Birds Hunt

Hi! Friends this is an interesting and addictive game for everyone. In this game [...]

Boys N Devils

Its very interesting logic game. You need cross the rivers, but a terrific thing [...]