Hit Logic

In Hit Logicyour goal is to shoot red checkers! Do you have the eagle eye of a m [...]

Cops vs Supers

In Cops vs Supers, the populace have voted, and everyone is sick of the Superher [...]

High Rise

Build the worlds tallest tower in this simple yet addictive tower building game. [...]

Tower of ZZZ

The guests of your hotel have started sleepwalking! It's up to you to catch them [...]

Burger Cat

Help the cat reach the tasty burgers in this old-style, meme-inspired puzzler! P [...]

Pick n Dig

Pick and Dig is Puzzle game in which you collect all the mining tools and use th [...]

Colonize Me

Put your wits to the test in this epic and difficult board game! Colonize the bo [...]

Paper Floods

Save a dude from drowning in this beautifully stylized doodle game! Clear his pa [...]

Paper Floods 2

Save even more dudes from drowning in this challenging sequel to the original Pa [...]

Bar Balance

Balance as many crates crates as you can on the bar in the short time given you! [...]